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A new breed of polyvalent nurses

Uniben Nurses Alumni Association- a new breed of polyvalent nurses draws its membership from graduates and associates of the University of Benin City Nigeria,).

Since 2009, graduates of the department of Nursing sciences, from the foremost university of Benin had come together to form an alumni association. The motivation was to create a channel to harness available human, intellectual, and material resources of Great Uniben Nurses.

A global network of Uniben Nurses

Ultimately, our vision is to create a global network of Uniben Nurses Alumni that will generate tremendous benefits through synergy, for our alma mater, our home country- Nigeria, and the various countries that we are residents. Through our interactions, we intend to foster the interest and welfare of the alumni. The hall mark team spirit of Uniben Nurses Alumni is our idealism and sensitivity to national issues all combined to motivate this spirit of coming together to give back to the university and our department in particular that immensely contributed to the attainment of our life goals and ambitions.

The first chapter of the Alumni Association was established in 2009 in Benin City, Edo State.and ever since then it has ramified its tentacles to diverse countries in Diaspora which includes but not limited to United Kingdom, United States Of America, Republic of Ireland, Australlia, Canada to mention but a few.

The alumni body, in the fine tradition of Great University Of Benin intellectual prowess, periodically organizes seminars, symposia and workshops targeted at public enlightenment on issues ranging from immigrant health to taxation and investments. The UK chapter apparently drives the Alumni under the leadership of Comrade Osarumwese Samuel and his acolytes.

The Great Uniben Nurses Alumni Association family is a happy one indeed, and the alumni are tied to the umbilical cord of a great alma mater whose moto is “Knowledge for service”. The salutation/clarion call – “Great UNIBEN!” is comparable to the chirping of mother hen to her grateful brood. It is absolutely impossible to attend University of Benin and graduate as a polyvalent nurse, and not be passionate about the institution.

Join hands with the UNIBEN Nurses Alumni Association